Truck Forces Small Car Into Curb

  • Our client, a young man 25 years old, was driving his 2011 Volkswagon Jetta in the right lane of a 4 lane divided road (2 lanes in each direction) going about 35 mph when a truck in the lane to his immediate left suddenly moved into his lane, hitting the driver’s side of his vehicle and pushed him into the curb. Even though he was wearing his seat belt and shoulder harness he was tossed forward and backward during the impact striking his chest and abdomen on the steering wheel.
  • He began having headaches, chest pain and lower back pain with increasing intensity, prompting him to proceed to the emergency room at Provident Medical Center in Everett. There it was noted that he had significant muscle spasms. He was diagnosed with lumbar strain and muscle spasms and prescribed medication for pain and anxiety and a muscle relaxant.
  • On January 21 he followed-up with his primary care physician at Group Health in Everett where the muscle spasms were again noted. He was diagnosed with thoracic sprain and was referred for physical therapy.
  • On January 26 while visiting his mother in Edmonds, his pain and spasms became unbearable. He went to the emergency room at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds where it was noted that the medications previously prescribed were not helping. His medication was replaced in an attempt to stop the spasms.
  • A follow-up visit to his primary care physician gives a detailed description of the intensity and location of his pain, right between the shoulder blades with visible spasms.
  • He tried physical therapy but it was not helping and in fact made the pain worse.
  • Another follow-up report from his primary care physician indicates that the pain was “unrelenting”.
  • An MRI of the thoracic spine revealed degenerative changes.
  • A subsequent report diagnosed “severe episodic pain in the face of chronic pain. He has an impressive response to the pain at times”.
  • After months of doctor visits with little to no relief from the pain, he was referred to a Pain Management Clinic where he was diagnosed with chonic thoracic pain and chronic neck pain exacerbated by the motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, the pain clinic offered nothing additional to alleviate his pain or help him to manage the pain
  • He has continued with his treatment through the present time with no relief. He lost his health insurance coverage when he turned 26 years old as he was on his mother’s policy. He is attempting to obtain coverage through Obama-Care so he can continue his treatment and hopefully find an answer for the pain.


Although the case presented major difficulties due to the pre-existing conditions, the law firm of MartinLaw was able to secure a significant five-figure settlement for our client within a few months after the accident.


To find out how MartinLaw and Chuck Martin can help you obtain a significant settlement on you car accident case please visit our car accident page. To speak with Chuck Martin please call 206-684-9468 for a free evaluation of your case.

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