Whiplash leads to Trigger Point Injection

  • Our client was a restrained driver of a vehicle that was stopped for traffic when it was slammed into by the defendant’s vehicle.
  • She experienced whiplash which caused her to hit her head on the back of the seat. Her knee hit the dash.  She felt a band of pain around her abdomen.
  • She went to the emergency room at Swedish Medical Center where she was diagnosed with cervical strain. She was referred to the Swedish Family Medicine Cherry Hill Clinic.
  • The doctor at Cherry Hill noted that she had pain shooting up her neck to her head on the left and down her left arm and described it as a “numbing ache”. The pain was getting worse.  She was diagnosed with sprain of the left trapezius muscle.
  • When she returned to the clinic two weeks later the pain was not getting any better and was interrupting her sleep. Muscle spasms in the trapezius were observed. Trigger point injections were offered but declined for now.  She was referred for physical therapy.
  • She began physical therapy where they focused primarily on the left trapezius as the pain there was preventing a good night’s sleep.
  • Her pain continued so she was also referred for massage therapy..
  • She continued physical therapy for almost six months.
  • She continued to report significant pain in her left trapezius muscle so she was given a trigger point injection.

Our client was in considerable pain for seven months after this accident as shown by her extended course of treatment and acceptance of the trigger point injection.  She incurred medical bills of $5,900.00.  The medical records also document that her injuries interferred with her activities at her job and with efforts to find suitable employment after her job ended.

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