Parking Lot Accident

Our clients, two young females, were sitting in their car at a convenience store when a large pick-up truck slammed into the back of their vehicle on the driver’s side. It hit them so hard that it caused the passenger to lose bladder control. Their car was parked and not moving as the driver had just gotten back into the car after returning from the store. In fact, the engine of their vehicle had not been started.
The driver of the pick-up truck got out and told them he was sorry, that he didn’t see them, provided his insurance information, and assured them that everything would be taken care of. He later changed his story, decided not to do the right thing, and provided false information about what happened to his insurance company, USAA.
Both of our clients were pregnant at the time of this accident. One of them lost her baby.
The medical records indicated that both ladies had severe back pain and complications with their pregnancies because of this accident.
Parking lot accidents are particularly difficult as they are usually low speed with minimal damage to the vehicles. This is used by the insurance adjusters to minimize the injuries declaring that minimal property damage means minimal injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. Additionally, parking lot accidents almost always have disputed liability as the parties accuse each other of backing into them. That was the case here when the pick-up driver changed his story.
In spite of these challenges, Chuck Martin was able to negotiate significant settlements for both of these ladies.
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