Top 5 Safe Driving Tips for the Seattle Area

Safe driving should be a way of life, not a conscious decision! However, many drivers tend to lose some of the basics of the road as the years go on and that can lead to potentially dangerous situations. And with traffic getting worse by the minute, Seattle drivers need to keep several safety tips in mind when they get on the road:


  1. Don’t Drive Impaired


You’re in control of an automobile, so if you operate one while in an altered state there’s a good chance you’ll endanger yourself and others. Police are on the lookout for DUIs, so even if you’re a little tipsy it’s better to call a cab instead of risking an arrest and hefty fines. Same goes for driving drowsy – don’t drive if you’re not fully focused on the road.


  1. Don’t Speed


If the sign says 35, that’s the limit. Going over increases your risk of being involved in an accident or collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist. Ultimately, even if you break the speed limit by 10 mph, it’ll only buy you a few more minutes. Take your time and don’t risk causing an accident.


  1. Limit Your Distractions


Cell phone use, music players, eating, putting on makeup and goofing around with other passengers are all leading causes of accidents as a result of distracted drivers. Invest in hands-free cell phone solutions and plan ahead to stay focused on the road and offset your risk of distracted driving accidents.


  1. Drive Defensively


Just because you’re a focused and safe driver doesn’t mean the other drivers around you are. Look out for other drivers behaving irrationally and dangerously so that you don’t become involved in an accident as the result of someone else’s bad driving.


  1. Keep Your Car Safe


Checking tire pressure, replacing wiper blades and keeping brakes working effectively are all key elements to maintaining a safe vehicle. It’s probably been a while since your vehicle last saw a mechanic’s trained eye, so getting a professional opinion on the state of your vehicle can help you stay safe out on the road.


If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident as a result of an unsafe driver, contact the offices of Martin Law, PLLC to find legal support and guidance. We use all our ability and knowledge to help our clients obtain compensation for their injuries.

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