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Auto AccidentsOver two million people are injured in car accidents throughout the United States every year. On average 43,000 people are injured in car accidents in the State of Washington every year.

In spite of these striking and ominous statistics, there are so-called experts, mostly from the insurance industry, who are attempting to convince the American public that car accidents are minor occurrences and should be handled by the injured party without the assistance of counsel. There is good reason for the insurance industry to encourage car accident victims to not hire an attorney: those who do have an attorney receive awards and settlements that are on average 3½ times greater than those who do not. This is according to the insurance industry's own statistics as compiled by the Insurance Research Council.

There is an old adage that the above statistics brings to mind:

"The person who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client"

Think of the mechanism of what happens during a car accident. Two or more 4,000-pound objects made of steel and glass, on wheels, collide at varying speeds. It is no wonder that even low speed crashes can result in serious injuries to the occupants. A competent car/auto accident lawyer needs to have a thorough knowledge of the physics of what takes place during a collision, and the medical consequences of the injuries caused by the collision.

Chuck Martin of MartinLaw, PLLC, has been a car accident lawyer over 35 years. He has the experience and expertise to obtain the best possible settlement for you. He is highly rated by his clients and other attorneys. Please go to the "Attorney Profile" page to learn more about Chuck Martin.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, and have suffered a personal injury, call the car/auto accident law firm MartinLaw, PLLC at 206-360-8141 for a free consultation.